Our daughter has been with the Airdrie Daycare Center since she was a baby. Leaving a baby with any daycare can be frightening but we were soon put at ease when we were encouraged to drop in anytime and see how she was doing! She was well taken care of and was very happy. Best of all she was around others her age and now, almost 5 years old, she is still spending her time with the kids she literally grew up with! The Airdrie Daycare and staff is a second family for her and us, we enjoy getting to know the staff who keep us well informed on our daughter’s progress and daily activities. We also really love that she gets to safely enjoy the outdoors and fresh air each day as the Airdrie Daycare offers fabulous outdoor space and great actvities! We are so grateful for the Airdrie Daycare and words can never really express how thankful we are for the staff that has helped our daughter become the amazing person she is today! Thank you!