We have been bringing our children to Airdrie Daycare Center for over 5 years. We have found their caregivers to be very easy-going, attentive and affectionate. They have worked well with our children to help them become the fun-loving and well-rounded little people they are today through their various activities at the center. Our children are excited to see the new calendar come out each month to take a look at what has been planned for them. Each week has a different theme and with each theme comes new crafts, new games, new stories, new lessons and sometimes special visitors or field trips. We can count of Airdrie Daycare Center and their wonderful caregivers to provide a caring, fun and safe environnent for our children to enjoy while we’re away at work. Even after 5 years our children still groan at us when we come to pick them up at the end of the day…”do we have to go home already”…??