Our Motto: Here at Airdrie Daycare Fun and Learning go Hand in Hand!

Toddlers (19 months to 36 months)

We work very patiently when transitioning our toddlers fro the Baby room to the Toddler Room. This is the age when they start working towards a little independence. Our teachers work closely towards developing a schedule for your Toddler supporting each child’s individuality. Our Toddler Room  staff is focused to promote you toddler’s development in language, fine and gross motor and social skills. Also, we start toilet training in this room so that they are ready before they are moved to the Star Room(37 months to 4.5 years) On request a daily report can be given for your child. Our in house preschool program is introduced at the age of 2.5 years. A typical day may include music, indoor and outdoor play, sign language, physical training/yoga, pre-literacy and word development through listening/reading/speaking and open ended art.