Our Motto: Here at Airdrie Daycare Fun and Learning go Hand in Hand!

Butterflies (4+ untill KG)

Butterflies 4.5-6 yrs

4.5-6yr olds are in our butterfly room.  This room is working on school readiness.  Children are cutting independently and writing their own names on their crafts.  Children also learn their full names and begin to work at memorizing the phone number and address through fun songs and activities.  As children in this room become more independent they love to be involved in the planning for their upcoming themes and learning centres.  There will be “children’s pick” activities on a regular basis in this room!  Children will also have the opportunity to be the teacher’s helper and run things like circle time and calendar. Our In-House preschool Starbrite Program continues in this room and prepares children for Kindergarten.