Our Motto: Here at Airdrie Daycare Fun and Learning go Hand in Hand!


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Food & Nutrition

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Children need proper nutrition to grow, stay active and fit. At Airdrie Daycare we provide snacks and lunches based on the Canada Food Guide.Your child will receive healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches every day – made fresh in our kitchen. We are a nut-free facility. Children are provided with different options considering allergies and cultural/religious preferences. The menus are interchangeable when required to make them a part of some special events or occasions. Parents can let us know if they do not want their child to eat something specific in our Menus.

See our menus….

Week 1 menu.pdf

Week 2 menu.pdf

Week 3 menu.pdf

Week 4 menu.pdf

Before & After School (Grade 1 and on-wards)

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BAS 6-11 yrs
Our before and after school care children help a great deal with the programming for the room. They with brainstorm with the staff and come up with themes that they wish to learn about.  Children will lead circle times in this room and they will take turns reading to the rest of the group.  When these children are in attendance for summer care they will enjoy some fun filled field trips, which they have also helped to plan and some special guest visitors as well!
We Transport to the following schools depending on spots available in our transport buses:
Range Road location -> Herons Crossings, Ecole Edwards, Ralph Mcall, Our Lady Queen of Peace
Meadowbrook Location -> RJ Hawkey, Good Shephard
Sierra Springs Location -> North Cottage, Nose Creek, Heloise Lorimer, St Veronica, A. E. Bowers Elementary, Windsong Heights
Our Fee ::::
Full time ….. $630.00 per month includes full care on PD days and Transportation (Sept to June)
                         $800.00 per month includes all meals served at daycare and all Field trips(July & August)

Butterflies (4+ untill KG)

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Butterflies 4.5-6 yrs

4.5-6yr olds are in our butterfly room.  This room is working on school readiness.  Children are cutting independently and writing their own names on their crafts.  Children also learn their full names and begin to work at memorizing the phone number and address through fun songs and activities.  As children in this room become more independent they love to be involved in the planning for their upcoming themes and learning centres.  There will be “children’s pick” activities on a regular basis in this room!  Children will also have the opportunity to be the teacher’s helper and run things like circle time and calendar. Our In-House preschool Starbrite Program continues in this room and prepares children for Kindergarten.



STARS (3 to 4 years)

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Stars 37 months-4.5yrs

Our 37 months-4.5yr olds are in what we call our star room.  Once children are 3 years of age and potty trained we transition them to this room.  In the star room your child will enjoy longer circle times and lots of centres and activities based on both the children’s interests and the       In-House Star Brite preschool Program.  Children will be working on letter, number and name recognition.  They will be learning how to use scissors and how to begin writing their own name.  This age group loves to run and jump and be active!  They play outside 2 times per day and have lots of gross motor activities each day. Daily Calendars are one of their favorite circle time activity.


Toddlers (19 months to 36 months)

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We work very patiently when transitioning our toddlers fro the Baby room to the Toddler Room. This is the age when they start working towards a little independence. Our teachers work closely towards developing a schedule for your Toddler supporting each child’s individuality. Our Toddler Room  staff is focused to promote you toddler’s development in language, fine and gross motor and social skills. Also, we start toilet training in this room so that they are ready before they are moved to the Star Room(37 months to 4.5 years) On request a daily report can be given for your child. Our in house preschool program is introduced at the age of 2.5 years. A typical day may include music, indoor and outdoor play, sign language, physical training/yoga, pre-literacy and word development through listening/reading/speaking and open ended art.


Exploring Nature

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We at Airdrie Daycare like play and learn within our daycare play area and daycare boundaries but are not limited to them.

Our North location is located on a 4 acre land so there is lots of land ,plantation and are to explore and learn about. The South Location visits the close by park during their nature walks.

Visits by beautiful seasonal birds, playing with fall leaves and flowers,  playing with snow and snow sledging are some of the popular attractions for our children


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At Airdrie Daycare, we try to work with  families to ensure that the transition for you baby from home care to daycare is as smooth as possible. Before your child’s first day, we offer 1 or 2 trial days where either mother or father can bring their baby and spend a couple of hours in our infant room to get acclimatized and get an idea of  what to expect. We try to  create a schedule that is right for your child and every day a daily report (Baby Babbler) is sent home which has a summary of how your baby’s day went. The daycare Director will update you by an email for the first couple of weeks.


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Early Learning

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  • In House Preschool
  • StarBrite Preschool Program