Our Motto: Here at Airdrie Daycare Fun and Learning go Hand in Hand!

Ms Myra

Posted on: December 9th, 2019 by admin

She is a Child Care Supervisor with a Level 3 Certification in  Childcare. She is a mother of a very active and happy boy.

Ms. Tara Hough

Posted on: March 7th, 2017 by admin
DIRECTOR Ms. Tara is the Director at our Meadowbrook Location. She has over 20 years of experience in childcare and holds a level III certification in childcare.She moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba She is very versatile when it comes to being an inclusion worker or a room supervisor or a Director. As a director, she loves being able  to move throughout our centre and getting to know all of the children and families.


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Ms. Amor is the Room Supervisor for the Transitioning Toddler Room at our Meadowbrook Location.

She is the mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl . She is always planning fun activities to keep her toddlers entertained and busy throughout the day. You can feel the love she has for them when you hear her communicate with them throughout the day.


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Ms. Sharon is our cook and our daycare Grandma at our Meadowbrook location. She has her food handling certificate and also has level 1 certification in childcare. She starts her day by greeting our infants and then provides delicious meals for all everyday. She enjoys trying new recipes with a focus on multiculturism.

Ms. Julieanne Dunne(Ms.JULZ)

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Ms. Julieann Dunne, is the Director at the Range Road Location. We all call her Ms. Julz, because she is the jewel of our daycare. She has over 22 years of experience in Childcare. She is an all rounder with Level 3 Certification in Childcare. It seems like she has been here for ever. Her very welcoming personality is an asset to our daycare. Also, she is our Tours in charge so your first interaction will be with her.

Ms. Kanwal

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Ms. Kanwal is the Room Supervisor in our Infant Room at our Range Road Location. We like to call her “The baby Whisperer”. She is the mother of 2  beautiful children and has a Level 3 Child Care Certification. She is always smiling with open arms waiting for her babies to arrive.

Ms Jovelyn(Ms. Jovie)

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Ms. Jovie is the assistant director our Range Road Location. She has a Level 3 Childcare Certification and is the  Toddler Room Supervisor as well. She is one of the most hard working and efficient staff at our centres. Her sense of responsibility and dependability is amazing. She welcomes all children in the morning and keeps them occupied and bust with new ideas and activities until the children move to their respective rooms.


Ms Tatyana(Ms.Tanya)

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Ms. Tanya is the Room Supervisor of the Star Room at our Range road location. She has a Level 3 Certification in Child Care . She is very Talented and artistic. She is our Face Paint queen. She is the in charge of our in-house preschool program(Star Brite) . She is innovative and very prompt when answering the hundreds of questions these busy minds are asking all day.

Ms Sheila Winn

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 Ms Sheila is the Cook at our Range Road Location. She is our very own “stress reliever” as we all call her here at Airdrie Daycare.She has her food handling certificate and also has level 1 certification in childcare.She welcomes everyone everyday with a big smile on her charming face and prepares yummy food for the children .Her nutritional knowledge, enjoyment of cooking and love for the children is apparent. The children often express how much they love Ms. Sheila’s cooking and parents try to duplicate most of her meals at home.Words cannot describe her enough, but her love is shown in the way she carries herself around the centre throughout the day serving freshly cooked food.