Part of the Family!

When looking for childcare one of the hardest things to do as a mother is find a place that you feel confident with to entrust leaving your child every day. 7 years ago when my oldest son turned 2, my family became part of the Airdrie Daycare family. Throughout his 5 yeas there, my son grew and learned so much from being part of a family, and now my youngest son is also sharing in his own wonderful experiences at the Airdrie Daycare.

~ Angie Seerup
Staff that Cares!

The daycare was originally referred to us by a friend who took her son there. The staff at the daycare takes the time to let us know each day new words our kids said and how their day was. After 35 years, the daycare has become a second home to our children and family. Our children love the staff and the friends they have made. We have since referred a number of our friends here and will continue to do so.

~ The Lavallee's
Care and Education!

My two daughters have attended the Airdrie Daycare Center for over two years. I have always been impressed with the love they receive from all the staff. I truly believe that my children matter to the caregivers at the center. I also appreciate the structured environment my girls are exposed to. With monthly themes explored through crafts and other activities, Airdrie Daycare Center keeps my children learning and is a wonderful preparation for school.

~ Sarah
Safe, Caring & Well Organized

The teachers and administrators at Airdrie Daycare are kind, helpful and genuinely care about the children. We have always found all staff to be so warm and attentive, always making sure to form a speical bond with each child. Airdrie Daycare gives us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from our children, they are being loved, they are safe and secure and they are learning to interact with other children of the same age group which is so important. The daycare program is well organized, the curriculum is engaging and the special programs are great! We would definitley recommend Airdrie Daycare to any parent looking to find a warm and caring place to send their child.

~ Shane and Tanya Carson
Not Just a Number

What sets Airdrie Daycare apart from all other childcare facilities is the welcoming sense of home that exists in their environment. As a family owned and operated daycare, I have always felt completley comfortable and confident that my sons weren’t going to a business to be counted as a number, but that they are/were helped, cared for and loved each day. The professional and friendly stafff there strive to ensure the kids are in a safe and secure environment, while helping to promote the development and growth of every child.

~ Angie
Love the Daycare!

Our family had the opportunity to meet Ms. Bridgette in 2003 when we moved from Calgary to Airdrie to enjoy raising our family in smaller community. Our son enjoyed many years at the Airdrie Daycare, they provided a safe and nurturing environment. Our 6 year old son is now under the guidance of Ms. Maja and truly loves all the programs that this facility has to offer and the friendships that he has made.

~ Barb and Maround Ayoub
Creating Experiences & Memories

We have been bringing our children to Airdrie Daycare Center for over 5 years. We have found their caregivers to be very easy-going, attentive and affectionate. They have worked well with our children to help them become the fun-loving and well-rounded little people they are today through their various activities at the center. Our children are excited to see the new calendar come out each month to take a look at what has been planned for them. Each week has a different theme and with each theme comes new crafts, new games, new stories, new lessons and sometimes special visitors or field trips. We can count of Airdrie Daycare Center and their wonderful caregivers to provide a caring, fun and safe environnent for our children to enjoy while we’re away at work. Even after 5 years our children still groan at us when we come to pick them up at the end of the day…”do we have to go home already”…??

~ Shana
From Baby to Now

Our daughter has been with the Airdrie Daycare Center since she was a baby. Leaving a baby with any daycare can be frightening but we were soon put at ease when we were encouraged to drop in anytime and see how she was doing! She was well taken care of and was very happy. Best of all she was around others her age and now, almost 5 years old, she is still spending her time with the kids she literally grew up with! The Airdrie Daycare and staff is a second family for her and us, we enjoy getting to know the staff who keep us well informed on our daughter’s progress and daily activities. We also really love that she gets to safely enjoy the outdoors and fresh air each day as the Airdrie Daycare offers fabulous outdoor space and great actvities! We are so grateful for the Airdrie Daycare and words can never really express how thankful we are for the staff that has helped our daughter become the amazing person she is today! Thank you!

~ Tamara & Marcus
Getting Ready for School

The Airdrie Daycare offers the best outdoor environment where your child will have the opportunity to explore and learn how to interact with other children before they enter the school system. A great asset of the ADC is that they offer before and after school bussing. This provides a safe opiton for working parents who are not able to pick up and drop off their child at school. Safety was our first priority and the ADC has always had it their first priority as well! We would refer any friend or family member who was considering child care in Airdrie to The Airdrie Daycare.

~ Barb & Maroun
Outdoor Space Can’t be Beat

The uniqueness of being situated on an acreage offers the children so much more than could ever be gained from a city-like environment. My sons playe(ed) outside with tonnes of open space every day, while still being securely confined to a fenced in play yard. The children get to enjoy going on walking adventures around the property to meet and learn about different animals thatl live on the Laschinsky’s land.

~ Angie